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    What can we assist with?

    Day to Day Support

    Let us save you time! By expertly managing the often-annoying business-as-usual financial activities of your company, from accounts payable and receivable, reconciliations and even data entry, you’ll receive time back to do what you do best … ensuring the smooth running of your business operations, and focusing on building your future success.


    By offering expert cash-flow forecasting and budgeting support, we’ll equip you with the knowledge needed to support decision-making for ultimate beneficial impact on your business today, while helping you take things to the next level in the future.

    Saving You Time

    We hear a lot from business owners about how time-poor they are. They come to us looking for ways to reduce their administration burden. If you’re somebody who just never seems able to find enough hours in the day, you could be falling into the common trap of spending too much time working in your business, and not enough time working on your business. By engaging the services of KR Accounts, you’ll get time back to focus on the things you enjoy and that make best use of your skills.

    Our Clients Love Us!

    “I am so happy I have finally found a good bookkeeper I can trust and rely on for my business! Kirsty is such a pleasure to deal with, she is so friendly and goes beyond what is needed. I have never come across another bookkeeper as efficient and helpful as her. She truly cares and is always available when I need her help. Can’t recommend her enough!!”

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    About KR Accounts

    KR Accounts has developed a suite of bookkeeping services designed to boost productivity within a business. From our base in the Brisbane area, we proudly offer professional bookkeeping services, specifically to the building and trades industries, which are areas we know inside and out. By working closely with clients in this space, we have developed an acute awareness that bookkeeping tasks may not be your area of passion or expertise, and that your time could be better used on the management of your daily business operations, and strategising for future success.

    Clients of KR Accounts love us because of our proven ability to successfully eliminate time-consuming and admin-heavy tasks that add to the burden of effective bookkeeping. We’ll provide back-end support that will fuel your business, keep it moving from a day-to-day perspective, and provide intelligence on where you’re currently at, and what you could be doing in the future to amplify your success.

    Our expert services include: BAS Agent Services, GST advice and support, Accounts payable and receivable, Reconciliations, Income activity statements, Reporting, Data entry, Single touch payroll.

    What is the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant? While your accountant is likely to focus on things like profit and bottom line with a view to sorting your financials at the end of the financial year, they often don’t take an in-depth look at what’s going on inside your business. A bookkeeper tends to be very detail-oriented and gets involved in the day-to-day running and financials of an operation. In that sense, we can add value to your business all year round by providing an external set of eyes to provide a detailed, impartial overview of where you’re at. Do bookkeepers do payroll? Yes, absolutely. KR Accounts will seamlessly manage your payroll to ensure your staff are always paid correctly and on time. How much should I pay a bookkeeper? Every client is different, with the appropriate payment based on the exact needs of the individual business. At KR Accounts, we normally charge by the hour, but can organise a monthly fee arrangement depending on the scope of work involved. At the beginning of the process, we’ll take the time to get to know your business, and discuss your ongoing needs before giving you an accurate indication of the realistic costs associated with the services provided. Can a bookkeeper do tax returns? The short answer is no. That responsibility lies with your accountant. However, what KR Accounts does really well is ensuring your accountant receives all the necessary and correct information at the end of financial year. This helps enable a smooth, speedy and efficient tax return process.
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    Our Process

    If you’re at the point of considering engaging the services of a bookkeeper, the easiest way to kick-start the process is with a simple phone call. Typically, this will lead to a face-to-face meeting whereby we will ask insightful questions that will help us truly get to know you and your business, your goals and ambitions, and the unique requirements you’ll need from your bookkeeper to make sure you achieve these objectives.

    To get started, we’ll need access to all the relevant financial files. Many business owners worry that they don’t have the systems currently in place to be able to easily hand over this kind of data … which is exactly where we come in! No matter what state your current financial records are in, we’ll create a system to set them up in a way that will best serve your business now and into the future.

    We’ll take the time to review all your financial information at the beginning of the process, highlighting and correcting any errors and, in doing so providing the most up-to-the-minute summation of your business and its financial position.

    Once we’re confident all your current accounts are in order, we’ll start entering new transactions into your system, while intelligently scoping out which KR Accounts services will best serve you going forward. And because we know businesses are continually changing and evolving, all relationships and agreements are set-up to be flexible, ensuring your needs are always met to the highest standard.

    Why Choose Us

    Why get stressed about the long hours involved with your bookkeeping duties, when there is another way? If you’re operating a business in Brisbane or the surrounding areas, consider placing your time-consuming and often complex bookkeeping activities into our expert hands. Not only will this give you peace-of-mind that these vital aspects of your business, including GST and BAS, are being overseen by experts who know precisely what they are doing and will work in the best interests of your business, while always keeping compliance and legal obligations top-of-mind.

    Expertise with trades and building clients

    It is our long-standing involvement with trades and building clients in the Brisbane area that helps us stand out from the crowd. We have unrivalled knowledge of what it takes to be a successful bookkeeper in this space, and an awareness of what your business needs from its bookkeeping services to help it thrive.

    Knowledge of what every small business needs from its bookkeeper

    Our far-reaching experience gives us a unique insight into what a small business needs from its bookkeeper to drive productivity and ultimately success. Throughout the highs and the lows, we’re here to support our clients. Our knowledge is informed by the direct experience our team members possess in successfully growing their own businesses over the years.

    A commitment to service

    When we established KR Accounts, we had two very specific objectives … to offer top quality bookkeeping service options, alongside an unparalleled customer experience. It is these two objectives that drive our long-lasting client relationships. Ask anyone we work with and they’ll attest to why we’ve built such a robust reputation across Brisbane for effectively managing the bookkeeping needs of local businesses, as well as all manner of interstate and international companies.

    Ongoing advice on the status and future of your business

    By taking a 360-degree look at your operations and educating ourselves about the ins and outs of your business, we are in the strongest position to be able to add year-round value to your operations. An impartial set of external eyes one step removed from the daily workings of your company is always a crucial value-add. Let our team offer a detailed yet easy-to-understand overview of where you business is currently at, as well as the possibilities for future growth and success.

    Trust is paramount!

    To do our jobs most effectively, we will need to deal with sensitive financial information relating to your business. Therefore, a high level of trust needs to be established between your team and ours. Our commitment to you is to protect your confidential information, filing it in the most secure manner, and acting with discretion at all times. Our rigorous security protocols have been developed over time to follow absolute best-practice. Keeping this approach top-of-mind during everything we do has become second nature, and is ingrained in our culture.



    What is the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant?

    Bookkeepers are instrumental in the ongoing financial upkeep of your business.  A bookkeeper is the person that assists you to manage the ongoing financial recording and transactions that keep your business operating smoothly. 

    Your accountant will be the person who analyses the data produced by your bookkeeper, reports on it, and is best suited to give you financial advice. Your accountant will also have a strong understanding of your taxation requirements, and will be best able to assist in that area.

    What your accountant probably doesn’t do is take the kind of detailed look at what’s going on within your business that a bookkeeper takes. Our approach involves considering where improvements can be made in an ongoing, day-to-day capacity. KR Accounts bookkeepers pride themselves on being detail-oriented. It’s that year-round external set of eyes that adds the most value, equipping you with an impartial and accurate picture of the current state of your business.

    Do bookkeepers do payroll?

    Yes we do! And we’re good at it, too. KR Accounts will happily take on the continued administration involved with ensuring your staff are paid the right amount, on time, every single time. As we all know, happy and valued staff can make or break a business, through high levels of motivation which directly impact on productivity and bottom line.

    How much should I pay a bookkeeper?

    The answer to this question is not a straightforward one. Basically, every client is different. Payments associated with your bookkeeping services will be based on the needs of your business. As we work to develop our relationship with you, we’ll ask all the necessary questions to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements, before offering a straightforward and honest breakdown of the likely costs associated with our services. At KR Accounts, we offer a pay-by-the-hour service or fixed price monthly packages, whichever suits you best.

    Can a bookkeeper do tax returns?

    In short, no. This responsibility will remain with your accountant. However, KR Accounts adds value in this area by working throughout the year to ensure your accountant receives the most accurate information, presented in the most straightforward way, and in a timely fashion when it comes to end-of-financial-year. Your accountant will no doubt be extremely grateful, as this type of clearly laid-out information helps them ensure the smoothest process when it comes to the tax return of your business.

    I am behind in my Business Activity Statement (BAS). How do I get up-to-date?

    Don’t worry, KR Accounts can help. Simply make contact with our team and we’ll ask the right questions to identify precisely what needs to happen to bring you back up-to-date. If needed, we can even organise an extension with the Australian Tax Office while we work to get your bookkeeping back in order, before submitting your BAS return in the right format. What’s more, we’ll do this quickly and accurately, to ensure absolute compliance.

    I’m not on Xero. Can I still use your services?

    You can indeed. While Xero is one of the most well-known online accounting package options used to manage business-related financial information in Australia, there are alternatives available too. Xero acts as a central portal, capturing and storing all the crucial financial information relating to your business, and presenting it in an easy-to-understand format. Comparable packages we also recommend include Quickbooks and MYOB.

    However, we understand some smaller businesses still prefer to store their financial information using their own manual systems. We can therefore help set you up with the accounting package that best meets the distinct requirements of your business, and do everything it takes to get you active on the platform and enjoying its advantages.

    Although it is definitely worth having one of these systems in place due to the range of benefits they can bring, if you’re a smaller concern reluctant to take this step, let’s have a chat and discuss whether a manual approach can be developed, using whatever current internal system you have in place.

    About Brisbane

    Brisbane is the world-renowned capital of the Australian state of Queensland, otherwise known as the ‘Sunshine State’, for obvious reasons. It is also the most heavily populated city in the state, and the third most populous in Australia, as well as being one of the nation’s oldest.

    The city is named after the Brisbane River that runs through it, which itself took its name from Sir Thomas Brisbane, the Governor of the neighbouring state of New South Wales at the time the city was founded.

    Queensland was proclaimed a separate colony from NSW in 1859, and Brisbane was chosen as the state’s capital during World War II, when it played a crucial role in the Allied campaign, acting as the South West Pacific headquarters for the United States Army.

    Today, Brisbane’s metropolitan area boasts a population of approximately 2.5 million, known affectionately as Brisbanites, with the name of the city itself often abbreviated to ‘Brissy’ or even ‘Brisvegas’, thanks to its apparent similarities with the USA gambling mecca of Las Vegas.

    By virtue of its pleasant year-round subtropical climate, Brisbane life is well-known to revolve around the outdoors, which makes it an attractive destination for tourists. Its sunshine, beaches and general outdoor culture mean residents and visitors alike enjoy getting out and about to experience the great food on offer, as well as arts and nature-focused adventures. It also sits in close proximity to other equally popular destinations including rugged national parks, and the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, with their popular golden-sand surf beaches.