Five Reasons to Use Job Costing Software​


Five Reasons to Use Job Costing Software

For a lot of clients, doing job-costing calculations takes hours on spreadsheets and there’s a lot of room for error. Job costing software streamlines the process and automates the calculations, to make everything easier and faster. And saves you from endless spreadheets!

It allows you to:

  • Price jobs accurately – By working out the specific costs for each job, you’ll have far more confidence in the final estimate.
  • Avoid customer conflict – An accurate upfront estimate reduces the risk of a nasty surprise when your customer gets the final bill. And the happier the customer, the better your chance of getting repeat work and referrals.
  • Submit a timely estimate – Job costing used to take a lot longer than process costing. With job costing software, however, you just punch in the numbers – let the software do the maths – and your estimate is ready.
  • Calculate realistic profit margins – Job costing software makes it easy to add your markup and calculate your margin – so you stay competitive but profitable.
  • Track progress and costs in real time – As you work through the job, you can enter actual costs against estimated costs to see how the budget is looking. This will allow you to keep ahead of escalating costs and communicate with the client.

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